NA61/SHINE Rewards 2023

The Collaboration Board unanimously approved the Hardware and Software Awards for 2022/2023


Wojtek Brylinski, Piotr Podlaski, and Oskar Wyszyński received the group hardware award “For the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the new Trigger (Piotr) and Data Acquisition (Oskar and Wojtek) System (TDAQ)”.

Andras Laszlo and Brant Rumberger received the group software award “For the design and implementation of the new TPC calibration software. The calibration uses data for the new GRC detectors, also designed and constructed under the leadership of Andras and takes profit of Kr-calibration realized under the leadership of Brant.”

Bartosz Maksiak received the software award “For the development, maintenance and operation of the online readout software and the necessary infrastructure of the DRS4 boards reading signals of the TOF, BPD, PSD and Beam detectors. For developing and operating the NA61/SHINE data production software, including the special commitment to task forces dedicated to specific problems.”.

Congratulations to Wojtek, Piotrek, Oskar, Andras, Brant and Bartek!